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Polkadot is one of the most sort after mushroom chocolate brands in the market. What makes polkadot shroom bars truly special is the quality of the chocolate and potency of the mushroom strains. We also have a wide variety of flavors to ensure there is something for every customers.

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Polkadot Shroom Bars

Polkadot mushroom bars is one of the most sort after mushroom chocolate bars currently. It is made from the highest quality couverture chocolate. The mushroom chocolate bars were started of by two brothers who are big shroom enthusiast. They decided to create the polka dot bars due to the bitter taste of shrooms when consumed directly. Polka dot mushroom bars come in a variety of flavors such as

Dosing with Polkadot Chocolates

Since the advent of micro dosing, there has been a steep increase in the demand of mushroom chocolate bars such as ours. To ensure that our customers get the best out of our mushroom bars. The polka dot team decided to come out with a guide on how to use our chocolate bars and polkadot gummies to have the optimal results you desire. It is worth noting the mushrooms affect and react with everyone differently and so this is by no means an all conclusive guide. However, this guide is merely to ensure that you have a good trip.


This is the recommended dose for beginners experimenting with our bars and those micro dosing. This causes brain stimulation with polkadot bars. You can achieve this micro dose state by consuming 1 or 2 pieces polka dot chocolates


This dosage is recommended for intermediate users. This is more than micro dosing and such amounts of polkadot chocolates lead to enhanced sense of joy. You achieve this state by consuming 3-6 pieces of a bar..


This is dosage is recommended for expert users. This level leads to hallucinations and supernatural experiences (good trips). This is not for everyone. You achieve this state by consuming 7-12 pieces of a bar.

Polkadot Gummies

The polka dot brand doesn’t just produce the best mushroom chocolate bars but we also have some of the best mushroom gummies in the market. The polkadot brand is actually the first brand to make the gummies sort after. This is due to the fact that our gummies are made with some of the most potent mushroom strains and still pack a massive punch. Our gummies come in a variety of flavors to ensure that there is something for everyone. What makes our gummies extra special is not just the delicious taste but they are also guaranteed to give you the best trip experience in your life

Effects of Polkadot Chocolates

Studies have shown that the polkadot mushroom bar has many medicinal benefits. It has been used to treat conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, stress. 

It is not a permanent fix but rest be rest assured that anyone who has ever tried the polkadot products always has the same review. It is simply the best microdosing suppliment in the market.

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